Babbling Babies is a play and language program facilitated by preschool Speech-Language Pathologists. It encourages language learning and fun for both baby and caregiver.

Our signature program is now available in an e-course format. Access our communication tips, play development ideas, curated toy recommendations, helpful videos, and online resources. All in one spot, here in our NEW e-course.

This e-course is developed for babies between 0-15 months of age.

Our Program

Our program is broken down in to two important categories of baby development:


-6 separate lectures on how to support baby's communication and language development at home.

Topics include: setting the communication connection, babbling, first words, gestures, and language milestones.


-5 separate lectures on the important play skills that emerge in babyhood and how caregivers can nurture these skills.

Topics include: people games, cause-effect play, pretend play, book reading, and more

Video Content

Each lecture contains a 20-30 minute VIDEO "know how" on the topic that is facilitated by our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP).

Clickable Toy Links

Each play development lecture, includes our well-known curated toy lists with active links to purchase. Learn how to choose meaningful toys that are best in supporting your baby's language and play development.

Easy to Implement Parent Tips

Learn how to effectively implement our language rich communication tips during everyday moments while having fun playing with your baby.